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Looking for a place to call HOME?

Our belief is that worship is meant to be communal so that we are ALL called to participate in worship and we have many different areas you can get plugged into right away. Serving takes us from sitting and soaking to Engaging in both Fellowship & Worship.

Our children are encouraged to engage as well. During Children's Church
they learn the Love of Christ in g
reat and exciting ways. 
We want
our children to learn, have fun, and look forward to coming.


The Green Pond Choir is a great example of sharing our talents
to encourage ALL to lift up our voices in praise and thanksgiving.


Sunday School is where we dive into making those
connections and friendships that last a life time.


When you're away, our Audio/Video Team
provides opportunities for you to continue to worship.

and there are many more fun and exciting ways to serve.

We want you to be INVOLVED as you support
your church family through your:

PRAYERS - as we lift one another up we start to love one another.
PRESENCE - not forsaking coming together but being Actively Engaged.

GIFTS - giving back by sharing our time, energy, and resources.

SERVICE - we are His hands & feet and are truly Blessed to be a Blessing.

WITNESS - sharing God's Good Grace by ministering to the hurt and hungry.

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